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Considered Sales Customer Relationship Management Software software is the first goal and progress oriented online CRM solution for small business.

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Information about Considered Sales, Inc. including our press room, career information, management overview, services, and partnership opportunities.

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Learn about why Considered Sales Online CRM Software is the best solution for small business.

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Customer Relationship Management Software can help improve your bottom line with more sales, better relationships, and optimized lead processing.

Considered Sales Partners | Small Business CRM
We have partnered up with a number of great providers who have products and services for growing small businesses and helping you to find and convert more CRM leads.

Skype | Considered Sales Partners | Small Business CRM
Skype voice over IP (VOIP) is integrated into Considered Sales CRM Online, making calls to your customers as easy as a single click from our online CRM software.

Constant Contact | Considered Sales Partners | Small Business CRM
Constant Contact provides a great way to incorporate email marketing into your CRM lead management process with newsletter tools that make it easy to manage your customers.

Tuglet | Considered Sales Partners | Small Business CRM
Tuglet is a great source for small business tools like online surveys and online polls.

MyFax | Considered Sales Partners | Small Business CRM
MyFax allows you to send and receive faxes directly from your computer so you will never miss another fax again.

BlueHost | Considered Sales Partners | Small Business CRM
BlueHost provides competitively priced hosting services with a full range of tools and utilities that can have you up and running with your own Web site in just a few minutes.

Small Business Online CRM Solution | Considered Sales
Considered Sales CRM Software was designed from the ground up as a small business CRM solution.

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Your privacy is a big concern for us. Read our policy on privacy and the data that we collect or distribute.

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The terms and conditions under which we operate our online CRM application and our related online customer relationship management services.

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