As a small business, maintaining contact with your customers is critical. Considered Sales CRM was designed with small business in mind, with an easy interface and single view of your most important information to keep you informed and in touch with each of your contacts.

Considered Sales CRM is the first goal and progress oriented CRM. Our online CRM application helps you set goals for your sales reps in an easy-to-manage environment. Tracking sales progress and adjusting goals is just as easy, and very effective.

Whether you are a lone salesman, or a small business sales team, Considered Sales CRM can help you get a handle on your sales process, measure progress, and build success.

Small Business Features

Considered Sales CRM has a host of unique features designed for small sales groups wanting to share a pool of leads. Check out our Top Ten Reasons to Use Considered Sales for a great list of features designed with individuals and small businesses in mind.

Considered Sales CRM is simple and easy to use. Our interface is designed to give you a quick look at all the most important information, including contact information, sales history, and next steps, all in a single view. This single view approach makes it easy to understand how to make contact, what to do next, and what has happened with each of your contacts.

When you are ready for them, there is a host of additional features just under the hood. Reports, additional history and demographic information are just the start. You can share leads among your entire sales group, filter leads based on geography, add notes, and attached documents to each contact record.

And at only $24.95 per month, the price is affordable and the service excellent.

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