Top Ten Reasons to Use Considered Sales CRM™
Never forget a contact, ever again.

One of the great things about Considered Sales CRM is that every contact in your list is scheduled for follow up. Whether it's a lunch appointment tomorrow, or a follow up call in six months, you'll be reminded that contact should be made.

Leads won't fall through the cracks.

Ever get to the end of a trade show and worry where all the leads went? Considered Sales CRM has a perfect place for them, its called the New Leads List, and it puts your new leads in the hands of your sales team, where they belong. Whether from your Web site, a trade show, a business card, or a purchased list, your leads will not be forgotten.

Track customer progress without the hassle.

Considered Sales CRM tracks every action you perform for each contact. Whether it's checking off a task in your custom built Considered Sales Process, recording a historical note, or sending an email, every action is recorded to the minute. With Considered Sales, you won't forget what you have done, and where you are going.

Build a sales process like the pros.

We'll teach you how your customers progress from awareness of your product or service, to purchase. It's easy to learn and fun to use. Our setup wizard will coach you through the process of creating your own sales process, unique to your product or service and the way you want to sell. Once complete, you will have a step-by-step process that leads your customers to a successful finish and a productive relationship beyond the sale.

Focus on the next step, every time you make contact.

Considered Sales CRM takes the worry out of every call by presenting the next step in the process. All you need to do is follow your original sales plan, perform the next step, and lead your customers to the sale. Next steps make it easy to train new sales reps on your team, and takes the fear out of making the next call. Just select the next contact, and do the next step. Selling made easy!

Make contact with a single click, cheap.

Considered Sales CRM features Skype™ integration for easy, inexpensive VOIP* calling at the click of a button. Don't have a Skype account? We'll help you get started with a free Skype account so you can begin making calls right away. Skype provides calling to regular phones, cell phones, and even international calls at unbelievably low rates. Considered Sales also provides integration with your email client for easy access to email communications as well.

Track, record, and fulfill sales in the click of a button.

Considered Sales CRM allows you to include a custom list of your products right in the application. Whenever a sale is initiated, a note is recorded in the contact's account and an email is sent to your designated fulfillment person. All the details of the purchase are included so there are no questions. The sales rep's contact is included, too, just in case there are questions. Everything fulfillment needs to wrap it up and send on its way. We even send a copy to your designated accountant for billing.

Set goals and watch progress.

The Considered Sales CRM administration panel allows you to set daily and monthly goals for each member of your sales team. Real time charts and graphs in our reports window show you where the company is as a whole, and how each sales rep is doing. Heads up displays give you immediate feedback on the progress of the group.

To Dos and Reminders

Never forget an extra task, to do, or action item. Considered Sales CRM puts your to do list right in front of you so you don't forget. Click on a to do in the list and immediately view the contact record that relates so you can view the to do in the context of the customer's progress.

Advanced Features When You Are Ready For Them

Considered Sales CRM is designed to be simple and effective. And when you are ready to expand your sales effort you will find a host of advanced features at the ready. Link your contacts to secondary contacts or referrals, identify demographics such as market type for tracking, and create account notes. You can manage your sales team, view team progress, and establish standard email communications and attachments. Import and export groups of leads, search, and post announcements. Our partners area presents a host of great tools for small business, too.

*VOIP stands for ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol', which means you can make calls, often for free, right over your high-speed internet connection. With a set of headphones and a microphone, your computer will become the only phone you need to sell successfully. Skype also provides the ability to receive calls to your computer, wherever you happen to be. We can get you started.

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